The Ipnotica Smartbag mashes fashion with hi-tech!

We hear the term smart before many things these days but how would that work with bag? Well Ipnotica has come up with their version of the smartbag, it offers two built in USB chargers for all of your devices, handy internal lights, a useful location device, an SOS button, the essential phone finder function and it comes with a bag buddy system too, now that’s what you call smart!

The Ipnotica Smartbag mashes fashion with hi-tech!

Not only that, the buyer gets to build their own bag using the easy to use bag builder feature. There are four styles; the Tote, the Messenger, the Shopper and the Baguette, four base colours and six accent colours to choose from, in short the buyer is able to create a bag that is personal to them.

The Ipnotica Smartbag mashes fashion with hi-tech!

These cool smart bags will be going on sale next year with a retail price of around $335. For more information and details on how you could get your hands on one from just $175, go to the Ipnotica website.

Written by David Allen

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