Check out these top ten cool shortcuts for Windows!

We are used to shortcuts on smartphones and tablets, yet when it comes to a PC they seem to be forgotten and that is why everything takes longer on a PC than the other devices. However, worry not, because there is the Household Hacker coming to the rescue with a video covering those all important Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows, can you live without them?

Check out these ten cool shortcuts for Windows!

Quickly Minimize to Desktop
Reopen a closed tab in your web browser
Quickly SNAP windows to the side
Paste text without formatting
Instant Screenshot to a file
Quickly Lock your PC screen
Copy a file with a simple click and drag
Delete entire words instead of just letters
How to instantly magnify your screen
Quickly access your Hard Drives

Check out these ten cool shortcuts for Windows!

For more cool stuff that you can do for yourself and look brilliant in the process go to the Household Hacker channel on YouTube!

Written by David Allen

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