Green Ride launches the stylish INU scooter!

There are lots of battery powered scooters around these days, so a new one on the market is going to have to be good. Well Green Ride has been listening and they have come with the INU! This scooter is ideal for commuters who want to take their ride with them, so that the journey either side of the train journey is easy and more important faster than walking. Once at the destination, the INU can fold and unfold automatically in seconds for easy storage, it is light and it looks fantastic too.

Green Ride launches the stylish INU scooter!

The INU is smart as well, as it connects to the users smartphone allowing the rider to send text messages, take a cool selfie or make a brilliant road movie of the journey, all from the handle bar of the INU. The INU weighs in a 25 kilos and its measures up at 1200 mm (H) x 300 mm (W) x 1500 mm (L) and when folded it measures up at 1200 mm (H) x 300 mm (W) x 400 mm (L).
The brushless 500W / 750W hub motor can have a top speed of 25 kmh, but it can be limited to either 6 kmh or 20 kmh and it has an acceleration of 0 to 25 kmh in four seconds!

Green Ride launches the stylish INU scooter!

The power source is Li-Ion based with a charging time of three hours to a full charge, once fully charged the battery will provide a range of up to 40 km depending on load and terrain.
The INU will be available early next year with the retail prices starting from 3000 Euros with variations taking the price up to 5000 Euros depending on the options chosen, for more information and detail on how you could order one of these cool scooters go to the INU website.


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