Is it luck or skill that makes a winner?

We all like to win and it does not necessarily have to be in sports, games or even elections, but what does to take to become a winner? Some might say that skill is required, but this might only apply to sports and games, having a good team behind you might help you win an election and when it comes to gambling many might say that luck has a lot to do with the outcome. This is a very interesting concept and something that we wanted to explore a bit more, after all, we like to win too. However, this is a massive task and not something that we could undertake on own, but as luck would have it there is some interesting research available. You see, luck has already helped us today and that would seem like the ideal to place to start.

Is it luck or skill that makes a winner?

Luck, is something that cannot be bought, it cannot be learned and it makes no difference who is behind you, if luck is not on your side then you are going to have to work much harder in order to achieve the goal that you are aiming for. Luck is the one thing that could make all of the difference and it is the one thing that you cannot buy, when your luck is in, its in. Whereas skill can play a major part in the outcome of many situations. With the right skills a player is able to judge when it is time to play or fold, skills allow a person to understand the game and where it is going.

Is it luck or skill that makes a winner?

So it is safe to say that while luck plays a major role in becoming a winner, skills can make all of the difference in the final outcome, be it a game, sport or just life. The conclusion will have to be that in order to be a winner in gaming, gambling and many aspects of life, you not only need to have the right skills and a good frame of mind, you also need to have luck on your side. These factors in the right proportions at the right time, will no doubt give you the advantage over those whose luck has ran out or skills are not up to scratch. In the end, its down to you. So, do you feel lucky?

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