There is a rebellion going on underground!

Coming from London I know that we are brought up with all of the unwritten rules and social etiquette, however, things change over the years and as we get older we sometimes forget things! But, on the London Underground when using the escalators it is customary to stand on the right so that all those important people can walk up or down instead of waiting a few seconds.

There is a rebellion going on underground!

London Underground has even posted signs on the escalators to inform passengers of this. However, at the Holborn Station they are running an experiment where standing on the right and left is the new rule. Naturally, this has been causing confusion, upset and a little bit of WTF moments amongst the passengers.

There is a rebellion going on underground!

So the question is, where do you stand on this, on the left, on the right or has the world just gone completely mad?


Written by David Allen

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