One day death might not be the end for us!

This sounds like something straight out of a science fiction story, where humans are able to live forever! Sounds a bit like a nightmare to me, but then again some folks will be willing to pay top dollar for this gig. Its all part of a plan by a company called Humai, the plan is to use cryonics and new science to bring people back to life. You might think that this is nothing new as there are already people in deep freeze waiting to be resurrected.

One day death might not be the end for us!

Humai is an AI company with a mission to reinvent the afterlife. We want to resurrect the first human within 30 years.

One day death might not be the end for us!

The difference here is that Humai is not planning on bringing the body back to life, the idea is create a new life through artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and artificial bodies, yes one day you could come back as robot and human hybrid, this could be Human 2.0 or Cybernet in the making. There are those who are already calling this a scam and a non starter, but the company are apparently serious about this. If you want to know more about this sign up for updates on the Humai website.

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