Check out James Gunn’s awesome coffee table!

As a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy it is only natural that I would be interested in anything related to the movie and sequel, but I never expected to find the writer and director of the movie, James Gunn would have such a cool piece of furniture as this Awesome Mix Vol 2 coffee table.

I love this table because it’s a gorgeous piece of work, but also because it’s yet another sign of how passionate and invested so many of my co-creators on this film are. We all truly care about the movie we’re making.

Check out James Gunn’s awesome coffee table!

The custom made coffee table takes pride of place in the studio, where the team sit down and work out how the movie is coming along. For more on James Gunn,  the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Awesome Mix Vol 2 coffee table go to his Facebook page!


Written by David Allen

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