You never know when you might need knot skills!

When the world as we know it ends, it makes no difference if it’s down to nuclear war, a devastating natural disaster or a massive asteroid hitting the planet, that fact is you will only survive the aftermath if you have some skills. Normally the first order of surviving would be, food, water and shelter, but that is easier said than done as you need to have tools and skills in order to achieve the three survival goals.

Now you might think that being able to make a knot is not an essential survival skill and yet you would be wrong, because how are you going to build a stable shelter without a secure knot, or hunt without being able to set a trap and what about climbing walls etc. This is where your knot skills could save your life and thanks to Blackpoint Outdoor they have produced a graphic of essential knots.

You never know when you might need knot skills!

Written by David Allen

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