Coming soon Knight Rider Heroes with The Hoff!

Well this is an early Christmas present for any fan of Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff or both! It looks like that classic detective, robotic car and thriller TV series from the 1980’s is making a return. But as you might expect everything is top secret at the moment, all we have is this video to watch, enjoy!

Coming soon Knight Rider Heroes with The Hoff!

The Foundation for Law and Government has a new mission…You sure you’re ready for this? Stay tuned for more updates and signup @ Knight Industries Media Inc. Presents Knight Rider Heroes Starring David Hasselhoff & Anthony Marcus.

Coming soon Knight Rider Heroes with The Hoff!

If you are curious about the return of Knight Rider, Michael Knight and the Knight 2000 or whatever it version it has become, then visit the Knight Rider Heroes movie website, there is nothing to see at the moment, but eventually the secrets will be revealed to us.


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