What are the trending searches on Google for 2015?

As the year comes to an end many of us start to reflect on the events that have taken place. One good source of information is of course, Google. Every year the search giant publishes what has been trending within searches carried out through its services. In this case we have opted for the UK trends on Google, which may differ slightly from other parts of the world.

What are the trending searches on Google for 2015?

Female Celebrities:

1 Cilla Black
2 Lady Colin Campbell
3 Anne Kirkbride
4 Adele
5 Caitlyn Jenner
6 Ruby Rose
7 Katie Hopkins
8 Madonna
9 Bobbi Kristina Brown
10 Rita Ora


Male Celebrities:

1 Jeremy Clarkson
2 Lamar Odom
3 Perez Hilton
4 Charlie Sheen
5 Spencer Matthews
6 Lil’ Chris
7 Ronnie Pickering
8 Daniel Bedingfield
9 Daniel Craig
10 Duncan Bannatyne



1 Jurassic World
2 50 Shades Of Grey
3 Fast And Furious 7
4 Spectre
5 American Sniper
6 Avengers Age Of Ultron
7 Straight Outta Compton
8 Legend
9 Inside Out
10 Pitch Perfect 2

What are the trending searches on Google for 2015?

To find out more on what has been trending on Google in your region of the world go to the Google Trends page, you might be surprised at what you find as we were.

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