Go Kart with a Boeing 502-12 Gas Turbine engine!

Building a go kart sounds like a cool thing to do, if its good enough you might even get to race it against other like minded racers. But, some people like to take things to the next level and this is exactly what Seth Kettleman from TransTurbine has done. This brilliant build has a massive Boeing 502-12 Gas Turbine engine installed that produces an impressive 300 lbs of thrust, imagine that pushing you along.

Boeing Boss built by Seth Kettleman at TransTurbine. This go kart is powered by a Boeing 502-12 Gas Turbine engine in custom turbojet configuration. This land-jet produces over 300 pounds of thrust which will easily propel you to infinity and beyond.

For more information on this super jet powered go kart and some other cool jet powered vehicles check out the TransTurbine page on Facebook, you will not be disappointed and if you like it that much, you might be interested in buying it, the cost is $10,500 and details are available on Craigslist!