Get your 3D printed head on a Lego minifigure!

Unless you are an avid fan of Lego, you might feel that buying a set of the coloured plastic bricks or even one of those themed minifigures is not worth the time or money. But what if you could get a copy of your head 3D printed and placed onto the superhero minifigure of your choice, would that make you think again?

Well this is exactly what the Lincoln based Funky 3D Faces is offering and its easy to get started too! Simply send over an image of your face and side view of your head, choose your hair colour and style that is it. Now all you need to do is choose which superhero you want to be and pay up the £29.99 fee. Within a couple of weeks the superhero with your face on will be on its way.

At the moment Funky 3D Faces is running a cool deal where you can buy three minifigure superheroes with personalised 3D printed heads for the price of two! Don’t worry, there are lots of characters to choose from, so there are enough for family, friends and workmates too.