Stealth Socks! The future of smart clothing is here!

You would have thought with the advances in technology that clothing would be seeing the benefit of space age materials and the latest designs, well thanks to the design team at Maison Impeccable the future of hi tech clothing is nearer than we think as they have come up with Stealth Socks. The idea behind this design is to bring clothing into the 21st century by offering a sock that fits perfectly, helps feet to stay cool and therefore banishing smelly feet forever!

Technology has changed the way we live; touch screens and video phones went from sci-fi to kid’s toys. So why haven’t the fabrics against our skin every day improved too? We’ll be changing that. We’re outfitting the secret agent in all of us with the latest in mission-ready apparel, and we’re going in feet first.

This idea is so new that the Stealth Socks are not available just yet, but take a look at the Maison Impeccable website for more details and if you like them why not sign up for updates too! Finally, technology and design is about to change our lives for the better, which cannot be a bad thing!