Base the custom 3D printed insoles from Wiivv!

Training with Krista J. from Wiivv on Vimeo.

New trainers are nice on the feet at first, but over time they can lose that new shape and that is when its time to slip in an insole. But even these is not always a quick fix to this issue, but it looks like a Base insole could be the solution that we have been looking for.

Base are tailor made to fit your feet and they are easy to order. Get the app, its only on iOS for now, but Android is on the way, design your insole and measure your feet by taking five images through the app, thats it! The whole process is painless and takes just a few minutes.

We are expecting to the Base 3D printed insoles going on sale in a few months time with a retail price of around $75 per pair, but visit the Wiivv website now for more details and information on how to pre order a pair from just $50, now that has to be a bargain.