Fans try to bring Stargate Universe back!

When Stargate Universe or SGU ended some fans of the series were confused and disappointed, while other were just saddened at the prospect of not ever seeing a new episode of anything Stargate related ever again. However, if there is one thing that Netflix is good at, it has to be picking up TV series that have been dropped by the big channels and making them their own. Well it seems to fans of SGU that this is something that could bring Stargate Universe back to the TV screen.

In order to let Netflix understand how much this would mean to fans, there is an online petition running, so far at the time of publishing there are nearly a 102,000 signatures on the Save Stargate Universe petition, surely that is enough to show Netflix that there is a ready made audience for this show!

We the audience humbly ask you to consider our case that it would profit both Netflix and MGM Studios to cooperate in reviving the television series Stargate Universe (SGU). Information has emerged subsequent to SGU’s cancellation which demonstrates its viewers to be far more numerous than heretofore believed, and ideally suited to become Netflix customers. We hereby petition Netflix to evaluate SGU in this light.

The petition has been set up by Richard Dickenson and you can get involved too, go to the Save Stargate Universe petition page on to put your name to the list of fans who would love to see Stargate Universe return to the TV with the help of Netflix.