Take a look at the office of the future!

We often wonder about the world of tomorrow, the trouble is, it normally involves alien invasions, end of the world scenarios or the zombie uprising! However, the future may not be much different to the world that we are already living in and in that case some people are looking to make the world of tomorrow a better place to live and work in!

A great office is the foundation of a happy workforce, but we wanted to know what the future holds for the working environment. Not in one year, or two, or even five. We wanted to know that the office of the future would be like in 2030!

This is just one version of how the office and work place could develop over the years, thanks to the people of Plusnet this vision might push everyone else in the right direction. So, that is one vision of the office of the future, do you have any ideas that might be different than this? Let us know we love to hear about cool ideas, as you know!

Take a look at the office of the future!

Written by David Allen

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