Sky Q launches soon! So how much more is it going to cost?

Last year Sky TV were talking about the next generation of TV services, they call it Sky Q and it is supposed to change the way that we watch television. Well we have all heard that one before, but Sky TV has always been there with new ideas that not only offer the latest in entertainment, they have ways of making us spend more money.

So, what is Sky Q? Well first up is a new level of customer service with no charges for mechanical faults and servicing, Sky Q customers will also be pleased to know that their calls to Sky will be handled by a dedicated team based in the UK, so far so good! Sky Q uses what they are calling “Wideband” which means the new system creates a sort of umbrella signal from the dish and this eliminates the need for a multi room subscription, so there is a saving there. With the new box you can view Sky TV on any compatible device.

That all sounds grand, but how much is this going to cost you? Well according to Sky to start with there is a £99 set up fee, then it is going to cost around £42 for the basic package. However, for those Sky TV customers with the whole bundle including multi room, they will only need to pay an extra £1.50 per month for the Sky Q Silver bundle, result! Sky Q launches on the 9th February with the first installations taking place shortly after.

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