Time to sit up straight with the X Stand!

Aches and pains can be a fact of life for a lot of us who work on computers for long periods of time, we just take it in our stride and think nothing of the future. Yet there can be long term health issues simply because we are sitting in the position. However, it doesn’t have to be like that because the X Stand has been designed with your physical health in mind. The X Stand is portable and stylish, so you can take it everywhere and therefore ensure that you do not fall into any bad practices that can be a pain in the neck and back.

Super Stable – Engineered for Strength
Holds Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and mini devices
Cable Management
Easy to Use & Set Up
Spill Protection
Super Ventilation
4-In-1 Stand
Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminium Support Tube
Easy to Adjust

The X Stand could be launching this summer, but if you want a bargain you could get one at a bargain price by pre ordering from just $59 for more information, news and how you can get your hands on a X Stand then go to the Cool Invent website.

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