It will soon be festival season and smuggling booze just got easier!

It may only be February, but soon people will be planning which festivals they will be going to and once that has been done there is that age old issue of how to get your booze into the event without the security finding it. Well, this one looks like a real winner, these cans of body spray are not what they seem at first sight as the tops come undone revealing 235 ml of space, which is around eight shots of your favourite tipple, cheers!

The Bev-Can holds approximately 8 oz. ( 235 ml which is 8 standard measures) of booze. The money you will save on your first night out with it, pays for the flask itself!

They are calling this the Bev Can and with good reason, the cost of one can is around $19 and if you think about how much drinks cost at events, then it is clear this can easily pay for itself very quickly. For more information and details of where you can buy one from go to the Bev Can website.

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