The Casio smart watch designed for extreme conditions!

Normally you might not even consider wearing your brand new smart watch while taking part in extreme sports such as climbing, hiking or anything that involves the possibility of being in contact with water, but Casio have different ideas about that with the Smart Outdoor Watch. This offers the user all the benefits of a connected smart watch together with all of the features designed to make the watch tough, waterproof and very useful.

50-meter water-resistant structure
Military standard MIL-STD-810G compliant
Dual-layer display structure
Direction measurement
Altitude measurement
Atmospheric pressure measurement
Sunrise / Sunset times
Tide graph
Activity graph

There are several designs available so that the buyer is able to choose one that suits their style. But more than that this watch offers all that you would expect from a smart watch connected through an app for Android powered devices that will soon be available on Google Play. Along with the toughness required to get the user through the wilderness using maps and other features, this is a real watch for survival and back in the real world too.

The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch should be launching this April when it will have a $500 price tag, so its not going to be cheap, but are any smart watches and which one offers such features too? For more information, news and details on when and where you can get one from check out the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch website.

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