In Japan you can buy a Sake flavoured KitKat!

We already know that in Japan you can buy all sorts of a weird stuff, so it should not comes as a surprise when see this Sake flavoured KitKat. This is not the first time that a KitKat has be brought out in a strange flavour and it probably will not be the last either, the question is, would you give it a try?

Nestlé Kit Kat
Flavor: Japanese Sake (Nihonshu)
Weight: 11.6g x 3 = 36g
Content: 3 mini stick pairs
Specifications: Contains alchool (0.8%)

If you are interested in this strange confectionery then check out this page on eBay, they are selling them for $5.94 with free economy shipping, it might sound costly but think of it as a treat.