No this is not where Light Beer comes from, its a stylish loo!

You don’t have to own a bar to be interested in one of these urinals based on a beer keg, although it might help due the having the space. These are proper beer kegs made from stainless steel and would have been used for yes, you have guessed it Beer! So there is a sort of weird recycling thing going on here but in a different direction. Obviously, there is a bit of planning and work to do with this bit of kit, but the end result is clearly worth it and the only issue you will find is stopping the guys from spending too much time away from the party because they are admiring your Beer Keg Urinal.

Forged from stainless steel, this one of a kind urinal is specially designed with a spray bar to wash down the inside with every flush. This makes it ideal for any man cave. The keg urinal has wall brackets to make it easy to affix. The top will have a threaded stem to accept the water inlet and the bottom has a standard 1 1/4 to accept a trap. You will need to provide a flusher and trap. Not included.

So if you think that this beer keg would fit into your bar or man cave then go to the Hammered In Time page on Etsy where you can get all of the details on this brilliant idea and how you can order one from around £424.

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