Are you ready for #TheNextGalaxy its coming soon!

If you are going to launch a new smartphone then you might as well begin by pulling out all of the stops and just go for it. Well Samsung are teasing us with the all new Galaxy smartphone. So far all we have is a webpage, a few words and the hashtag #TheNextGalaxy all we have to do now is wait!

Barcelona, 21st February 2016. The stage is set for the next big thing – an extraordinary leap forward that could redefine smart technology. Are you ready for #TheNextGalaxy?

Roll on the 21st Feb in Barcelona when finally Samsung will get around to showing us what their idea of something extraordinary is, lets hope that the consumer thinks so too. Otherwise we could find that the smartphone market is still massive, but with not much choice available.

Are you ready for #TheNextGalaxy its coming soon!

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Written by David Allen

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