Finally a USB charging cable that does not fall apart!

When you buy a new smartphone, tablet or any other device that uses a USB connection for charging is usually followed some time down the line by having to buy another cable because the end is damaged or the actual cable has broken and that is just annoying. So, if you are going to have to buy another cable you might as well go for one that has been designed to last like the Charge Original 90. The Charge Original 90 has an angled casing, a reinforced cable covering and has a handy reversible USB connection so that there is no more messing around twisting and turning the cable just to get into the USB port.

Charge Original 90 features an angled casing designed to take the stress out from when you unplug your cable or twist it. The angled connector positions the cable in such a way that allows it for easy access to your device in both portrait and landscape mode, protecting the core of your cable and also offering a comfortable experience to use your device while it is juicing up.

The Charge Original 90 will be launching very soon, but if you like the idea of a USB charging cable that has been designed to last and looks good too, then head on over to the Wooke Store for more information and details of how you can get one from just £6.

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