This wine glass makes you look like you have had one too many!

If you drink too much, it follows that you might make a fool of yourself and give everyone a laugh at your expense. On the other hand you could just make out that you are drunk and reverse the joke on everyone else. With this wine glass, you do not even have to take a sip of the drink to get noticed, but when you start drinking from this upside down wine glass, the joke will all most certainly be on everyone else, cheers!

Fun twist on the standard wine glass design
Wine appears to float in the glass
Confuse and bemuse your guests
Glass holds approx. 375ml
Made from soda-lime glass
Hand wash only
Measures approx. 20cm x 6cm x 7cm

You might think that something this brilliant is going to cost a pretty penny, but no! Go to the Red5 gadget store for more details or just buy one for just £6.95! That is not a lot of cash to fork out for something so cool and funny.

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