Never lose your umbrella again with the Blunt Classic!

You know how it is, its raining outside and you are either late for work or you are at work and only have a limited amount of time to get the transport links home, so looking for the umbrella that always seems to disappear when its needed the most. However with the Blunt Classic umbrella with tile this is no longer an issue, just check your smartphone to see where your umbrella is hiding, no more hunting around or having to go out into the pouring rain.

Together with Tile we have created the first ‘smart umbrella to ensure your favorite Blunt is always by your side. Combining our flagship BLUNT Classic Umbrella with bluetooth traceable Tile guarantees you will always be ready to brave anything mother nature throws at you.

If the idea of having a traceable umbrella is right up your street then go to the Blunt Classic webpage where you will find that there are three colours to choose from; red, blue and charcoal, this umbrella will set you back around $89, which is not bad for an umbrella that you can always find, even if someone else has borrowed it!