Microsoft shows off the new Lumia 650 smartphone!

There was a time when buying a new smartphone was an exiting experience simply because there was so much choice and yet today there does not seem to be much choice. However, could the new Lumia model from Microsoft perk the market up and make buying a smartphone exiting again? Well lets take a look at it and see what Microsoft have been doing in this marketplace, there are the main specs and features.

5″ OLED Display
8.0 MP Main camera sensor
16 GB Mass memory
4G LTE Network
Front camera: 5 MP wide angle
Camera Flash Type: LED flash
Processor type: Quad-core 1.3 GHz
Maximum talk time (4G): 16 h

You might think that this a step back for Microsoft and you would probably be right there, while the like of Apple and Samsung are innovating and reinventing the smartphone with each new model, it seems that Microsoft might have tripped up here, sure the device is running on Windows 10, but then again you wouldn’t expect anything else. So what about the cost, according to the Microsoft Lumia 650 webpage the SIM free version will set you back £159.99, so its not going to break the bank, but it might just break you heart.

Microsoft shows off the new Lumia 650 smartphone! Microsoft shows off the new Lumia 650 smartphone!

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