Package Guard prevents your parcels from being stolen!

Online shopping is big business these days, but there is a downside to this, which is what happens when your parcel arrives and you are not at home? Chances are that the courier will leave the package outside your front door for when you get back home. However, some crooks have noticed this and are stealing the packages from houses and this can cause a lot of problems for everyone concerned.

Package Guard prevents your parcels from being stolen!

Yet there is a simple solution and its called Package Guard, it looks like a harmless disc, but once a package has been placed on it, the device becomes active and should the package be stolen an alarm will sound and you will receive an alert that a theft has just taken place, along with the neighbours too as they will hear the alarm.

Package Guard prevents your parcels from being stolen!

This is a brilliant way of protecting parcels and stopping those who think that everything that is not nailed down is up for grabs. The Package Guard will soon be available to buy from around $49, which is not a high price to pay for peace of mind! There will be a free smartphone app and the ability to add a camera to the set up, there is nothing better than a video of the theft taking place to ensure justice!

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