Looks like there is a fork in the road ahead!

How often are we following directions and come to a fork in the road, do you turn left or do you turn right, this is a dilemma faced by many drivers every single day and while making the right choice is good, the wrong choice could mean being late or miles from where you need to be. However, sometimes a fork in the road is not that clear, but in this case there are no mistakes.

During our journey on the road of life we often come across a fork in the road, but in the city of Carlsbad, residents literally came to a fork in the road. Make that a giant 6-foot fork painted silver and placed on an island that splits a road into two. The actual fork in the road made local residents laugh and a photographer snapped some photos before the city got involved.

This is a great example of urban art with a statement and yet it seems that once again the local authorities are not too pleased about it. For now the six foot high fork has been removed, but the locals from Carlsbad in California USA want their fork in the road back, who knows maybe they will get their fork art back!

Looks like there is a fork in the road ahead!


Written by David Allen

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