Make your own paper Darth Vader!

This is a brilliant video that mashes together Star Wars and paper folding, or to be more precise Darth Vader and Origami! Yes you can follow this step by step video to create your own paper model of that evil Darth Vader. To be honest, I have never got into the origami thing, all that paper folding seemed a bit like hard work, but this video makes it look easy. Now that old question, who is going to give this one a go?

Make your own paper Darth Vader!

Hi! I’m Tadashi Mori origami artist! I make origami videos where I show you how to create unique origami pieces that I designed or show how to make origami by other popular origami artists. Some of my most popular videos include an F15 Eagle Jet Fighter, Fiery Dragon, lotus flower and more! If you want to learn how to make any of those, and much more! Go subscribe to my channel!

Make your own paper Darth Vader!


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