This is what the online world map looks like!

This is what the online world map looks like!

When it comes to IT and technology you might think that the USA is leading the way, but when it comes to country domain names such as .us, .uk and .cn it seems that there is a different picture forming. Thanks to the official registry for UK domain names, Nominet we now have a map that shows just how different the world looks according to the amount of domain names registered under the specific country domain names, you might be surprised at the results.

This is what the online world map looks like!

‘Online Europe’ is so much larger than geographic Europe because of the high rates of internet adoption by countries in this region. The UK, for example, is only the 21st largest country in the world by population, and the 78th by area. But in terms of internet use, it’s right at the top of the table. In 2015, about four out of five UK adults accessed the internet daily, and more than three quarters bought goods or services online.


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