30 metre UFO discovered at Area 51 using Google!

The team here believes that we are not alone, the universe is just too big for us to be the only planet with a civilisation, but that does not mean that other societies are more advanced than we are and this is the problem. Space is massive and in order to travel the vast distances between inhabited planets it would require some serious technology.

30 meter UFO discovered at Area 51 using Google!

I’ve known since 2010 what it might be…a climate controlled hanger that holds a 30 meter disk. The hanger was built around the disk and apparently they had difficulty flying it, so they built the hanger around it with 180 degree doors to open allowing it to leave when they fly it. The renewed the airport runway here and all the structures, and there are often 2 or more new small passenger planes to carry scientists in and out secretly.

30 meter UFO discovered at Area 51 using Google!

Yet there are those who believe that the Earth has been or is still being visited by visitors from other planets. The trouble here is that despite all of the sightings and encounters, there is no actual proof and this is a big issue when we consider that nearly everyone these days has a smartphone with a powerful built in camera capable of producing high quality images and videos.

30 meter UFO discovered at Area 51 using Google!

This video is produced by Scott C. Waring from UFO Sightings Daily, he explains how to use Google Maps to search Nevada in the US, where Nellis Air Force base is located and within this massive base is Area 51. Scott claims to have found three UFO’s here and yet in the video the proof is not conclusive and so we are still searching for proof, what about you?


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