Fancy a new phone every month? It’s the CREO Mark 1!

Most of us are aware that as time goes on some of our devices seem to become slower and sluggish, this is usually down to how the the devices are being used. But the new Indian smartphone maker CREO has plans that could transform the mobile phone market. They are promising owners of the new CREO Mark 1 a new phone every month. By that they are meaning the device will be updated monthly so that your phone feels like a new phone, we shall have to wait and see just how well that works in the real world.

Fancy a new phone every month? It's the CREO Mark 1!

At CREO, we’re committed to #MakeBetter Android. And because we want to leave no stone unturned, we’re building both, the Operating System and the smartphone. With our OS we’ll send you relevant updates that shall keep your phone running just as new as the first time you held it. And not just that, we’ll also ship a big new feature with every update.

Fancy a new phone every month? It's the CREO Mark 1!

The actual phone is smart looking enough, it has rounded edges, raised glass and buttons under the display like you would expect from any smartphone. The market is saturated with smartphones, especially in Asia and to be a newcomer in this busy market you need to be different and offer something that others do not, have CREO done enough to reach this or is this merely clever marketing? Currently there are no actual details on the Mark 1 yet, anyone interested in the CREO Mark 1 can sign up for updates on the company website.

Fancy a new phone every month? It's the CREO Mark 1!


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