Is is possible to survive a nuclear blast? This 50’s advice might help!

You might think that a nuclear bomb going off in your town might be the end of everything, but it seems that during the 1950’s this was something on a lot of peoples minds due to the cold war! So governments were all too keen to put the populations mind to rest by issuing information on what to do should a nuclear attack take place. We found this information sheet on Gerry Canavan and it seems to us that according to this information from the Mutual of Omaha, you could actually survive the blast providing that you are not at the centre of it and your are able to take quick action. So there you are, it is possible to survive a nuclear blast within in reason and depending on your location at the time, good luck with that one!

Is is possible to survive a nuclear blast? This 50's advice might help!


Written by David Allen

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