How to choose the best hosting provider

When you are starting out with your website for the first time, the only question that keeps bothering you is how to choose the best hosting provider. There are hundreds of hosting providers that lure you with interesting offers and promises but you need to be selective and choose the best one that suits you. Before you go ahead and purchase any plan from any provider blindly, you need to first understand the types of hosting that are available. Let’s have a look at the different types of hosting that you have the option to choose.

Shared hosting

These are the cheapest of them all. Although you would get limited resources, you must definitely check out the shared hosting plans of your desired providers to know how much they are providing you. Usually for an individual blog or a personal site with low to medium traffic, this is the best plan to go with.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most powerful type of hosting. In these plans, you would get a complete server for your site. This is meant for large heavy traffic websites that see quick growth rate as well as are visited a lot of times in a single day. Also, for fluctuations in traffic, these are the best options that you can avail. You can have a look at the hosting services by to know what plans they have at offer.


Price is an important factor while choosing a hosting provider. If you research well enough, you will find the best price points across various providers. You must not see only the price of the plans but also what they are providing with it. Some providers pack a lot of features and resources into a plan and price it at a decent point which makes complete sense. Other providers have this tactic to sell plans at extremely lower costs but these plans lack the appropriate resources and are far less than the average. Before choosing a provider, you shall also see if it provides content delivery networkservices since you will need it when your website grows. Thus, you must balance the price as well as resources offered and then choose a good provider.

Customer reviews

This is something most people ignore while choosing a good hosting provider. If you want to know everything about a hosting provider, read as much customer reviews as possible. This will ensure that you know about the pros and cons about the provider before buying a plan. Also, you can make a better decision when you know more about the hosting provider.


These are some of the things you must keep in mind while choosing the best hosting provider. Of course like any other technology product or service, the best option for everyone differs. Thus, you must first know about what you want from your hosting provider and what your top priorities are. Only after that can you decide on the best hosting provider for you. However, keeping in mind the above pointers shall go a long way in choosing a good hosting provider for your newly launching website. Another important aspect is customer support and you must check how good the customer support for a particular provider is before choosing it.