Taking mobile gaming to the next level!

It is only natural that when we hear a mention of betting or casino websites that we all of sudden become a bit cautious, but this is a good thing as betting on sports and games of chance is not everyone’s thing. Yet there is more to online gaming sites than just that, some sites like Casino.com are offering players the chance to bet on games that are more familiar to them, such as penalty shoot outs, darts, heads or tail and even rock, paper & scissors.

Taking mobile gaming to the next level!

From this it seems that there is chance to take your gaming to another level, whereas you might be playing a standard mobile game on your smartphone or tablet, you could if you desired have a sneaky little bet on the side, so if you are playing a game of penalty shoot out, you could be betting on the result of the kick with different odds available according to the position of the ball when it hits the net or not!

The same applies to the other games, these are quick and easy games that are played for fun, except in this case there is a little bit of an edge to the result and by risking a pence there is the chance to build up a few pounds, it might not sound like a lot and that is the point, as this kind of gaming is not going to be life changing win or lose.

Taking mobile gaming to the next level!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the games, we have already mentioned Penalty Shootout so we shall look at this one first. The game brings up a goal you have to decide where the player is going to kick the ball and how much you wish to gamble, then as in the real world of football the takes his shot!

Heads or Tails, we are all familiar with this concept you where you simply choose either heads or tails and then flip the coin to see which side is left facing up, the winner is the player who keeps getting it right, it is that simple.

Rock, Paper or Scissors, we have all heard of this and the rules are simple, two players battle it out in this classic game, you know the rules but do you know the odds? You have to be quick thinking and cunning to win at this game.

Taking mobile gaming to the next level!

Darts, this is a game of skill and quick thinking, you will need to know where the big scoring parts of the board are and how to hit them in order to win. The object of the game to beat the opponent by getting the best score time after time, so how good is your aim?

Spin to Win, you have to be cunning here, the numbers are key to success and while some numbers are high scoring, it is the lower number that can build up. It might take a bit longer, but the object is to win and that takes skill and fast thinking.

So as you can see, there is more to mobile gaming than just high scores and gambling does not mean that you are going to lose money, there is a good chance that you could win and that makes a bit of fun.


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