Is this how the world ends? The Last Broadcast!

There is something about a radio broadcast that makes things seem real, this is the Last Broadcast a radio play that aired in 2006 and was produced by history students studying at a Canadian College. The style is very much like the 1938 War of the Worlds radio play directed by Orson Welles, offering what sound like live news bulletins covering events in Germany during the early 1980’s when the cold war was at its hottest!

A radio play which reflects the chilling possibility of what happens if the superpowers decided to go nuclear during the Cold War after a large-scale Soviet invasion of West Germany. Original audio with credits to 1RadicalOne (created as a school project by one of his family members).

There is nothing more spine chilling than the words “We interrupt this service!” The story considers the actions taken by the forces of NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries, we would hope that at some point both sides would back down, but what if they didn’t? The escalation to full nuclear war would be swift and for many ordinary people the first that they would know of it is when the nukes begin to explode and then its too late.

Is this the end of the world? The Last Broadcast!