Together Wear makes hugging in a hoodie easy!

Hoodies are a great piece of clothing that can be worn by just about anyone at any time and now they are about to get even better thanks to the brand Together Wear. They have designed a great looking hoodie using the best materials and with a couple of extra pockets in the back so that you can cuddle without getting your hands cold, wet or both.

We are proud to work with such great material. 3 yarn domestic fleece and 100% cotton bring extreme durability, great breathability, and flexibility. Inner side gives you coziness. TogetherWear is perfect to go for a walk, have a picnic, or do sports, it will give you max comfort.

When the Together Wear Hoodie goes on sale later on in the year it will cost around $110, but pre order now and you can get one from just $69 while stocks last. For more details, news and information on where you can pre order yours from, go to the Together Wear website here!

Together Wear makes hugging in a hoodie easy! Together Wear makes hugging in a hoodie easy!


Written by David Allen

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