Water is precious so this is how to store it for the long term!

To some people water is taken for granted, while for others it is a precious commodity that should not be wasted, not even a single drop. So in the case of a national or international emergency where the world as we know it has changed, water will become one of the most precious things on the planet. However, just keeping it a bottle is not good enough as it will only be drinkable for around six months unless you are using a preserver. As you can now see, it is not just a matter of filling up as many bottles and containers as possible, you need to do a bit of prep in order to ensure that your water supply is safe to drink. Lucky for us there is this graphic found on Preparing for Shft, this will show you how to get the most from your water whether its the end of the world as we know or just a temporary issue that will be sorted in a few days or weeks. Water is precious and it should not be taken for granted by anyone, just try not to use your taps for a day to see how you will miss it and then imagine that the taps will never see any running water ever again, it is a scary thought.

Water is precious so this is how to store it for the long term!


Written by David Allen

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