How to fix Kodi when it won’t start?

Sometimes, Kodi doesn’t start. Instead it comes straight back out to the main Android TV home screen.

How to fix Kodi when it won’t start?

Luckily, Gostreamer have a very easy way of getting things working again. From the Android home screen go into SETTINGS > OTHER > MORE SETTINGS > APPS then find Kodi and select it. In here choose to ‘CLEAR CACHE and then ‘CLEAR DATA’.

Once this has finished, press ‘HOME’ button on remote then power off the box with the red button on the remote. Unplug the box from the mains for 5 seconds and then plug back in.

Once back up to the Android home screen start Kodi again. This will now prompt you to install a new config from the Gostreamer servers.

When the config has finished downloading it will display 100% until the config folder has been installed in the background and this may take a minute or two. Once complete, Kodi will exit back to the main Android TV home screen. You can now start Kodi again and it should load up with no problems.

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