Will Sony ever release a PS5?

Sony has seen great success with their latest console release, the PlayStation 4 has sailed well ahead of the competition option, Microsoft’s XBOX One. Not just aesthetically pleasing, the PS4 boasts better performance and visuals than the alternative – key reasons as to why the PS4 is currently dominating the 8th generation of gaming. But, will Sony release a PlayStation 5? This article takes a look at weather this might be a possibility.

One big issue that is facing console manufactures is the fact that technology is no longer moving at a snail’s pace like it once did. We are only a few years past the official launch of the PS4, yet it’s rumoured that Sony are ready to bring a higher performing PS4 to the market. This has been greeted with a mixed reception. This is partly due to the fact that current owners don’t like the idea that there investment will quickly be lacklustre and something much better will be available. On the other hand, some people are willing to pay extra and upgrade if it means they get a much better experience. The problem with this speculative concept is, well, where does it stop? Does the console market become what the smartphone market has? A yearly console release, just as like with your iPhone or Samsung smartphone. It’s something that even the console manufactures aren’t sure how to currently address.

Will Sony ever release a PS5?

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I’m fairly sure, and near positive, that we’ll see a PS5. The question to really ask is; when? It’s hard to judge just how long the lifespan of the PS4 might actually be. For example, if Sony continue to improve the PS4 every two to three years, then why release a PS5 at all? However, at some point a PlayStation 5 will release when Sony is ready to bring something major to the table.

Another area of importance is seeing what the competitors do. After all, Nintendo is already working on a new console, and whilst we don’t know much about it yet, this could change what the likes of Sony and Microsoft do. This year’s E3 event is likely to uncover some exciting and important details from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

In the future it seems likely that we’ll all connect to the technology rather than actually own it.

This allows for the constant evolution. But it’s hard to predict when this concept could actually go mainstream. However, it would be the ideal solution for console manufactures because it keeps everyone on a universal playing field, but with the constant updates and upgrades necessary.

I believe that we’ll see a PS5 console release before the concept mentioned above. In fact, it could be slowly integrated into a PlayStation 5 system. Interesting never the less, things could be quite a bit different in 5 to 10 years’ time and that’s when we’d expect to see the launch of a PS5 console.

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