The chilling story of what happens to the Earth when humans disappear?

Many people would say that the Earth belongs to humans, but what have we done to this delicate eco system over the years? The planet has been mined, polluted and nuked, yet it lives on. So this presents us with a question, if humans suddenly disappeared from the Earth, what would happen to the planet?

What happens to the Earth when humans disappear?

Well, it seems that for a while nothing much would change, but eventually Mother Nature’s relentless attack on our civilisation of the planet would start to have an effect. Once the cracks begin to appear the changes would begin.

What happens to the Earth when humans disappear?

This video from the Mind Warehouse shows us what could happen is humans suddenly disappeared from Earth, it is sad to see the cities, landmarks and roads gradually disappear from the surface of the planet, until eventually the Earth returns to how it was before mankind!

Written by David Allen

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