Finally there is a robot for folding clothes #Foldimate

Most of us have to do chores around the home and some are actually a lot worse than others, such as folding the clothes after they have been washed and dried. Of course, some people might like folding clothes, but it still takes up valuable time and that is something that we could all use more of. There is hope though and its called the Foldimate, its in the development stages at the moment and the video above shows us just how its going to change our lives in the home forever. It looks so easy too, simply load it up and switch it on for perfectly folded clean clothes that are ready to be put away.

Finally there is a robot for folding clothes #Foldimate

Free up your time and spend it with your loved ones by handing over your laundry folding to FoldiMate – the robotic laundry folding machine.

Finally there is a robot for folding clothes #Foldimate

Pre orders for the Foldimate will be starting next year and they are hoping to slot the folding machine into to the $700 to $850 price bracket, so like all new innovations it will be sort of expensive at first, but over time the cost will no doubt come down a little to the point where these machines are totally common in all homes.

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