Intellectual games that require no batteries just brains!

The thing about games these days is that they are normally associated with computers, tablets or smartphones and this is why these Intellectual games by Geek Toys are different, these are classic puzzles that can be tackled anywhere at anytime and no wireless connection is needed. There will be several styles of game available making them suitable for all ages and interests.

Intellectual games that require no batteries just brains!

The goal is to reconstruct the main image by assembling all the parts. First it seems to be a usual and easy game but you have to put in work the inventiveness, logic and willingness to reach a result. All the products vary, starting from the level of difficulty and finishing with the color of the package. Plus to this, there is also a bonus of riddles on every package.

Intellectual games that require no batteries just brains!

Intellectual games are in the development stages at the moment, so anyone interested in getting involved will be able to back the project and earn themselves a perk in the process, which cannot be bad. This might seem like a bit of fun, but these games will help you exercise your brain and you might even increase your IQ in the process.

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