Just how big is the mobile gaming business?

Almost all smartphone and tablet owners will have a game of some description installed on the device. This is just taken for granted and in many cases the game app is not even considered as gaming in the real sense of the word. Yet the mobile gaming market is massive, with some estimating it to be worth around $118 billion by the year 2019.

Just how big is the mobile gaming business?

With values like that it seems that this is a market not to be under estimated by anyone, it is not just gaming any longer as this has grown into a massive money making industry. One example of this is m88.com an internet entertainment provider that has forged itself a niche in this market and with innovative ideas plans to be in the industry for the long term.

Just to give you an idea of how a single game can achieve such greatness, you only have to look at the likes of Grand Theft Auto V that grossed over a $1 bn in the first three days of its launch, Batman: Arkham City that rocked the BAFTA awards and finally there is Monument Valley, this game was downloaded over 26 million times.

Just how big is the mobile gaming business?

So you can now see that mobile gaming is not just about passing time, relaxing or competing with your friends for the highest score. Mobile gaming is big business and where there is business there is money, which in this case as we have already pointed out, this is an industry that could be worth as much as $118 billion in a few years time.

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