What will power the future? Maybe Fusion Energy!

By now we know that oil and gas supplies will eventually run out, but as these natural resources reduce in availability the cost will increase to the point where only the wealthy can afford to use this fuel. So what is there for the rest of us, solar, water, wind or nuclear power? It looks like what route we take next for power, the fact is prices will increase. But hold on, there is something that might make things different for us all and that is Fusion Energy! In this graphic by Futurism, we can see just how the same sort of energy that powers our Sun can help power the world in the future. The beauty of this is that its cheap, clean and will never run out, that has to be the future of powering the world when there is nothing left for us to use. Naturally there will be concerns about the use of this kind of power, but what else is there?

What will power the future? Maybe Fusion Energy!

Written by David Allen

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