#HearO making use of Wimbledon’s old tennis balls!

Every time they call out “New Balls” at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships the old ones are collected and sometimes the players might hit a few into the crowd, yet the sports equipment company Slazenger, supplies around 55,000 tennis balls to Wimbledon each year and that is a lot of balls.

#HearO making use of Wimbledon's old tennis balls!

Consider what happens to the thousands of tennis balls that are left over after a major tournament. For Wimbledon alone, Slazenger supplies over 55,000 balls each year. If you include all four Grand Slam tournaments around the world, that’s 230,000 championship tennis balls.

#HearO making use of Wimbledon's old tennis balls!

However, HearO is hoping to upcycle some these unloved tennis balls by turning them into cool Bluetooth battery powered speakers. That look cool and sound crisp, but the great thing about this idea is that they are producing something interesting from an old tennis ball, who would have thought that?

#HearO making use of Wimbledon's old tennis balls!

The HearO is a easy to use too, a simple one button operation and you have that special tennis ball feel as well, who knows what game these tennis balls were used in or who picked it up and smashed it over the net to their opponent. This is a little bit of sports history and it could be yours from around £50!

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