The next generation of television is 4K Pro TV!

Once there was just TV, but then came along HDTV and things really changed then, so how can you improve on something that is already so crystal clear? Well Panasonic think that they have the answer and they are calling it 4K Pro TV because it brings THX cinema quality viewing into your home, this is truly the next generation of TV viewing. Originally developed with the help of George Lucas, THX is capable of delivering an image in the same way that the director sees it when creating the scene and that has to be something special.

The next generation of television is 4K Pro TV!

Panasonic’s 4K Pro TV comes with a screen features that includes an 4K ULTRA HD professional cinema display ultra bright panel, with a resolution of 3840 (W) x 2160 (H) and a panel drive of 4K 3000 Hz BMR IFC. The audio comes from the VR audio master surround 2.1 with an output of 40 W (10 W x 2 + 10 W x 2). Finally, there is connectivity, such as the single USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, a LAN port, CI Plus version 1.3 interface, an SD card slot, component video input shared with composite RCA phono, with digital audio output and of course, there is the headphone output.

The next generation of television is 4K Pro TV!

The way in which we view television and movie content is changing, we are no longer slaves to the broadcast schedules with on demand and online content becoming available. In order to enjoy this massive choice in content there is a desire for high quality displays and it would seem like 4K TV Panasonic is right up there with the best. The range of Panasonic 4K Pro TV’s is wide too, from 40″ up to 65″ displays, with a variety of specs and of course, prices to match. 4K television is here now and it is waiting for you to take a look at what makes it so different from HDTV.

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