The Speedlink ULTOR keyboard not for typing its for gaming

The Speedlink ULTOR keyboard not for typing its for gaming

When it comes to PC gamers they often tend to be very particular in the hardware that they choose to use, after all nobody wants to blame the controller for losing a game do they? So it stands to reason that while there are gamers choosing the PC there will be a massive market for accessories too. So today we are looking at the Speedlink ULTOR mechanical keyboard and the first thing that you will notice is the design, it has been created with gamers in mind and so you are not likely to find one of these hanging around the office anytime soon.

The keyboard is fully loaded, in fact, there are too many features to talk about and so that means we are going to focus on the highlights. The first thing is the gamer is able to create a custom gaming profile, which can make all of the difference when it comes down to the end game. The gamer is able to see the main keys as they come with blue lights, while the rest of the keys are illuminated in white and this means that hitting the wrong by mistake is less likely, but not guaranteed.

The Speedlink ULTOR keyboard not for typing its for gaming

You are asking for features and functions, you have got them; The ULTOR is a gaming keyboard with mechanical keys, it offers fully customisable LED keyboard lights and configurable key or button functions. As for the size, it is measuring up at 350 mm wide × 122 mm deep × 33 mm height and it weighs in at around 680 grams.

The progressive gaming mode offers up to five gamer profiles, there are six macro keys, with swappable WASD and arrow keys, remappable keys as well as the useful Windows key deactivation. It comes with the useful red mechanical Kaihua Kailh switches and it can be optimised just for gaming. Another useful tool is gaming comfort through the extra high raised keys that allow more precise keystrokes. While the simple layout is compact with the frameless design and cool aluminium body.

The Speedlink ULTOR keyboard not for typing its for gaming

You get the N key rollover function for extreme anti ghosting, there is also a powerful macro editor built into the driver. They have even included an internal memory of 64kb which is ideal for importing and exporting profiles, it will in fact offer to auto load game profiles, which is a nice time saver and finally there is the flexible USB 1.7 metre cable with hard-wearing sheath.

You might think that a specialist gaming keyboard such as the Speedlink ULTOR mechanical keyboard is going to cost the earth, but that is not necessarily so as currently it can be found on Amazon with a price tag of around £95, which is not too bad when you consider exactly what this keyboard is offering and that is gaming supremacy over your fellow gamers, which is something that you cannot put a price on.

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