Looking for an addictive game without all the walking? #Boxik

You cannot have missed the new game that is making people walk around with their smartphones out in front of them, not looking where they are going and all to capture a little animated creature, well each to their own, we just don’t have time! But, we do have time for a quick game that you can play anywhere, at anytime and its not going to mean having to walk down the road, there are plenty around and this one is Boxik from Firefrost Games.

Boxik is a simple game, it’s free and can be found on Google Play and iTunes. The game play is simple enough and this is why we can see this becoming addictive. To play you simply spin the box in the centre of the screen until it’s coloured sides matches the colours of the incoming coloured projectiles, sounds simple and at first it is. Like all games of this kind it gets progressively challenging and this where the addictive nature of the game comes in, as you must complete it.